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Making it happen; full service support for Norfolk's leading functional fitness training facility.

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Propelling Perfit Fitness forward

Since 2019, we've been working with Perfit Fitness to shake up the health and fitness scene in Norfolk. Following their successful rebrand at the beginning of 2020, we carried the momentum through COVID-19, with our reactive 'Lockdown Marketing Strategy' seeing a huge uptake in client sign-up, class attendance and social media engagement. With Perfit's ultimate goal to always open a functional fitness facility here in Norwich, we made it happen. In 2021, the first Perfit HQ opened its doors.




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Increase in PT Clients

Unearthed have been awesome to work with. They have completely transformed our branding - it now looks brilliant, and is on a whole different level. They have a great eye for detail and always bring ideas to the table.

Jordan Hipperson - Owner of Perfit Fitness