Urban Bull

Welcome to our normal; a new umbrella brand for exciting Norfolk-based businesses.

Brand Identity
Marketing Materials

Ink Addiction | https://www.instagram.com/urbanbull.inkaddiction/
Urban Stays | https://www.instagram.com/urbanbull.stays/
Urban Lounge | https://www.instagram.com/urbanbull.lounge/

“Urban Bull is here for the people. We’re on a mission to do good, to create unforgettable experiences, to inject joy, and support those around us.”

The Urban Bull brand derives from The Urban Bull himself. He connects, he transforms, he explores. His contagious energy is embedded throughout the collective and absorbed by those around him. The vision is that this personality forms the heart of the business, with a strong focus on community, mental health and just being good people.

Under the Urban Bull brand sits Ink Addiction, Urban Stays and the Urban Lounge. Each of the sub brands has its own, distinct identity, being tied together by the bright neon vibes and raw textures, which you will find throughout each and every space.